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My name is Paul Broekhoven, father of Tim, co-owner and founder of CrossFit 2712 and Daan. My partner Heidi Michels is active during the Yoga lessons from CrossFit 2712. Started with CrossFit myself about 3 month ago and did indeed catch the CrossFit(CF)-virus.

My third blog, meaning 3 month active with CF, will be in English, because I wanted to share this blog also with some new CrossFit friends I made in the UK during my brief vacation this past month (July).

During this vacation I had the chance to visit two CrossFit boxes and join them in a WOD. The first box being in Bath, , I visited on the 28th July and was welcomed by coach Alec Harwood, second one was in Brighton, on the 30th July and welcomed by coach Barnaby Gehlcken. On both occasions I was made very welcome and really felt the CrossFit community doing its job, “Making you part of the team”. I would definitely suggest to everyone to visit other CF-boxes when abroad or even just in another local city to experience the community. In most if not all cases a ‘drop-in’ is free of charge. Of course I bought T-shirts from the boxes and made a team-picture. Closing off this topic – “Great Experience”.

Team CrossFit Connect

Team CrossFit Bath

So, now continuing with my local experience and progress with CrossFit.



In the beginning of the month we had a great experience with a new form of exercising called “beasting”. This sport was invented by the Dutch elite units such as the Marine Corps and Air Brigade. The magic words are effective and functional. Training devices that are used include kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, sandbags and a lot of their own body weight. Beasting is designed to increase your explosive strength, power, endurance, cardiovascular status, grip strength, and above all a lot of mental strength. So as you can see lots of comparison with CrossFit, but also adding the mental strength component. Our coach Christian Loomans helped us through the difficult times. All agreed that this should be repeated, next date, 1st August.

Unfortunately on the 9th of July we did a great WOD, 50-40-30-20-10 DU’s (Double-under) & SU’s (sit-up). With only 4 DU’s of 150 to go, I injured my calf (Dutch : kuit), injury “tennisleg” (Dutch : zweepslag). Since then, now a little more than 3 weeks ago, it is still messing up my planning and exercises. Have been doing some WOD’s, but was attending more “Open Gym’s” to take it easy with the calf, giving more focus on my upper body. Hopefully coming month will be better. “Those terrible DU’s”.

Vacation is a terrible time for when you are on a program from our foodcoach, Ruben Stapel. Is this case also including a wedding in beautiful Slough, UK.

To much food, including BBQ and possibly (a little) to much alcohol, really gets you feeling guilty about not sticking to your program. But what the hell, it’s vacation only a few times a year. My next check up will be on August 21st, so I still have 3 weeks to compensate and reach my goals.

However I did have a check-up on July 10th, which I want to share with you.

As you can see, still progressing in the right direction. After 8 weeks of following the program rigorous, my weight went down from 94 to 85,9kg and my body fat mass (BFM) went down from 28,9 to 16,2%. And feeling fitter and healthier then years.

  1. One big downside (woman probably would say the opposite) of losing weight is that I need to get some new clothes, trousers mainly and suits.

My goals for coming month are mainly focussed on getting over my calf injury, studying for my CrossFit L1 certification on August 15/16 and weightlifting technique.


Closing statement “Age is just a number”


Speak to you all end of August.



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